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Course on Communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming. What it is
and how it can help.


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Every day we are called to make choices, to decide our lives, both in small and in great things, and sometimes we may feel in need. Being free means, first of all, know themselves, their limitations, their strengths and how we are connecting ourselves to the reality we belong to.
Counseling applies in wide fields, from personal, to social and corporate health areas.
The main tool is the “therapeutic communication” to help the person to understand the problem, to enable to look at the situation from different points of view.

Encourage the other person to change and find one’s personal and unique way to personal goals. Listening skills and empathy are the essential qualities of the counselor.
Counseling is a kind of prevention for the benefit of well-being of individuals and organizations. Prevention is better than cure ....
Counseling encourages dialogue, awakens confidence in their abilities and directed towards an optimal solution of the problems and conflicts.
And 'the art of supporting each other”, help them find their resources are often forgotten and return to the untouched "true self". Return home to be themselves ... Back to his creativity and freedom, regain confidence in themselves and in their own right to "self-healing".

Coaching is more focused to the professional context, generally focused on achieving a goal or a project. Counseling may also be in support of strengthening its effects on the person.

We were born to shine, Coaching help to make a difference in the world…

Specifically, the 360 ° Coaching help people through a process of recognition and activation of resources to improve their performance in a specific context in relation to others.
Support people and help them to be satisfied and happy in what they do, in harmony with what they are.

Excellence and Quality, to make their life a piece of art, a masterpiece...

Excellence is a talent or exceptionally good quality, which surpasses ordinary standards. The 'excellence’ is a natural, full of grace state and the result of hard work and discipline.
Hard work and discipline, passion and love for what you do. Deep connection with what it is. Apparently it takes 10,000 hours to handle and be their own art.

"We cannot solve a problem using the same thinking process
that generated it."
(A. Einstein)




Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our greatest fear is to shine beyond all ...
(Nelson Mandela)

"Laugh often and heartily.
Win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...
Appreciate the beauty...
See other positive aspects.
Leave the world a little better...
...To know even one life is happy for the fact that you existed.
That is to be successful."
(RW Emerson)

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