Dr. Manuela Priolo

International Traning&Consulting
Connecting Systems, Weaving Visions
Communication, Counseling, Coaching 360°, Well Being, Network Thinking.




Course on Communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming. What it is
and how it can help.


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IANLP (International Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Istituto di Programmazione Neurolinguistica - Bologna

Claudio Naranjo

Ardui Associates - Antwerpen

Awareness - Bali


Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana

Photos by Manuela Priolo.
Thank to all those whom, for various reasons and different moments, have taken here and there picking something that made​sense for me... .

A few words about me
I live in the world of "relationship" and "communication" from the beginning of my studies and professional life. I have always been fascinated by issues related to the knowledge of people, projects and goals. I have experienced how authentic relationships and mutual recognition encourage ecological well-being and the achievement of individual and organizational outcome. I have received feedback about making a difference… Projects I made were about creating something new from what was present… .
I learned a lot from noticing the differences that made the difference between an achievement and a failure. I learned a lot also and especially from people with whom I was lucky enough to work, collaborate, and share "pieces" of life. I learned a lot about love and passion for what you do, love what you do when is connected and aligned with what you deeply are.
And I like to propose it to those who have a goal or a discovery about themselves to unveil.

My gratitude goes to...
My parents and my family for being a stability point, to my teachers and my spiritual guides, friends, past, present and future, to those who loved me and I loved too, travel companions, thanks to whom threw me in the pool for frozen and alive love because it allowed me to go into crisis, learn to swim... and finding the richest and beautiful resources inside me. Thank to the the colleagues with whom I collaborated to make the most beautiful and enriching projects, to those who helped me, who let me help, who allowed me to find my place in the world, thanks to myself and to all those who I haven’t met yet... .


Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our greatest fear is to shine beyond all ...
(Nelson Mandela)

"Laugh often and heartily.
Win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...
Appreciate the beauty...
See other positive aspects.
Leave the world a little better...
...To know even one life is happy for the fact that you existed.
That is to be successful."
(RW Emerson)

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