Dr. Manuela Priolo

International Traning&Consulting
Connecting Systems, Weaving Visions
Communication, Counseling, Coaching 360°, Well Being, Network Thinking.




Course on Communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming. What it is
and how it can help.


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I experienced  public and private work, organizational and individual, classroom and individual sessions .. the real strength of excellence and quality for me is in these generative complementaries.
Far and near, stability and change, programming and impromptous …  .
I created and coordinated networking and projects.
I work in Italian and English. I have always been confronted with many different cultures and I learned a lot from the unknown and the new. I know French, German, Spanish and Portuguese (intermediate and basic).
Perlacomunicazione.net® is an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK of professionals… passionate serious, rigorous, creative, dreaming, awake and light people, deeply in love with what they do and they are good for the benefit and in harmony with the system they belong to.
I’m Chief Communication Officer since 2004 in an over 300 people organizations in Rimini (Italy).
Since February 2015 I run my private business as International Training&Consulting.


  • Comune di Montescudo - International Coaching UE Project - November 2014
  • Smokintour - Reading Vincenzo Costantino "Cinaski" - July 2013
  • Provincia di Rimini - Egea Music
    Concert, national preview, Saba Anglana, special guest Niccolò Fabi - Rimini 20 June 2012 - World Refugee Day
  • ISCOM / Confcommercio Emilia Romagna
  • Studio Pagnini - Ancona
  • Progetto Azienda - Lecce
  • Municipality of Cattolica
  • Ecipar Rimini (Training)
  • Consiel (Company Training and Management)
  • Delegation UNPLI Piemonte, Veneto and National (National Association of Pro Loco)
  • PR Consulting Padua
  • ARPAT (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection, Tuscany)
  • Extrapola Cattolica-Rimini (monitoring new media)
  • Campania Region
  • School of Public Administration (Department of the Council of Ministers)
  • Ferpi-Maggioli Rimini (National Federation of Public Relations)
  • Italian Institute of Neuro Linguistic Programming (IIPNL) Bologna
  • Tourism Studies Centre of Assisi
  • STE - Engineering Company - Genoa

"Excellence: to know themselves and discover potential"

"The effective and efficient communication"

"The universe is full of magic,
we need to refine mental capacity to grasp it "
B. Russell


Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our greatest fear is to shine beyond all ...
(Nelson Mandela)

"Laugh often and heartily.
Win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children...
Appreciate the beauty...
See other positive aspects.
Leave the world a little better...
...To know even one life is happy for the fact that you existed.
That is to be successful."
(RW Emerson)

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